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Make your daughter feel like a Goddess with this fabulous experience

Flying Dress Photoshoot Experience Package:

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​Model For A Day Photoshoot for Your Teenage Daughter

Perfect Gift for: Birthday, Graduation, College Life Celebration, or just because!

Glamour or Sweet Sixteen photoshoot is a perfect gift for your daughter’s Birthday, Graduation, or just because – as a boost of confidence and self-esteem!

Be a model for a day!

I’ll teach her all the secrets of posing, movement, and catwalk. Whether she wants to try modeling, or have cool portraits for her Social Media – she’ll feel beautiful, confident, special.


Bring your favorite dress, put on your favorite high heel shoes (or not), and expect to have an amazing time of your life – totally enjoying yourself!

I hired Julia for a “Glamour Shoot” for my daughter as a Sweet 16 gift. I can honestly say that it was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. My daughter had the best time, learning poses and movements, as well as changing wardrobe and having her hair and makeup done. Under a tight deadline for my daughter’s party, Julia made sure we received all of our images on-time and the results were outstanding! They were flawless and truly jaw dropping. The pictures floored our entire family. Julia’s POV and talent behind the lens is what makes her works simply beautiful. On top of that, she was very welcoming and so excited for us to see the results. She was both professional and personable. My daughter and I highly recommend Julia!

Suzanne and Kaitlyn Tangney

Such and awesome experience for my daughter’s sweet 16! Thank you Julia! I definitely give you 5 stars all the way…you are a great artist and a true pleasure to do business with.

Kerri Gilday


The Joy of a Glamour or Sweet 16 Photoshoot for Your Teenage Daughter

As she stands at the threshold of young adulthood, what better way to embrace this enchanting time than by immersing herself in a captivating Glamour or Sweet 16 photoshoot? The boundless joy and unforgettable experiences that await her, as she steps into the spotlight and becomes a model for a day.

A Journey of Self-Expression

At the tender age of sixteen, your daughter is discovering her unique style, identity, and the boundless possibilities that await her. A Sweet 16 photoshoot allows her to unleash her creative spirit, experimenting with different outfits, styles, and looks. Guided by the talented photographer Julia Juliati, who herself has a background in modeling and dancing, your daughter will learn the art of the catwalk, the intricacies of posing, and the fluidity of movement. Together, they will create a symphony of elegance and grace, revealing the confidence and beauty that reside within her.

Capturing Unforgettable Moments: A Timeless Treasure

As your daughter revels in the experience of her Sweet 16 photoshoot, the camera becomes a magical conduit, capturing the authentic joy radiating from her every smile and twinkle in her eye. Julia Juliati, an exceptional photographer with a keen eye for beauty, ensures that every frame encapsulates the true essence of your daughter’s vibrant spirit. The resulting photographs become a timeless treasure, forever preserving the enchantment and excitement of this significant milestone.

Unleashing Inner Confidence: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Stepping into the spotlight as a model for a day offers a unique opportunity for your daughter to explore her inner confidence. Through Julia Juliati’s expert guidance, she will learn to embrace her individuality, unleash her inner beauty, and exude self-assuredness in front of the camera. As the shutter clicks, your daughter will discover a newfound sense of empowerment, her radiant smile illuminating each photograph as a testament to her blossoming self-assurance.

Celebrating Authenticity

During the Sweet 16 photoshoot, your daughter will have the chance to showcase her multifaceted nature, revealing different facets of her personality and style. With Julia Juliati’s expertise, they will experiment with various looks, from glamorous to whimsical, capturing the true essence of your daughter’s unique beauty. This celebration of authenticity encourages her to embrace her individuality, and the resulting photographs become a tangible representation of her vibrant spirit.

Why Choose Julia Juliati as Your Photographer

With a wealth of experience in both photography and the world of modeling and dancing, Julia brings a unique perspective to each photoshoot. Her knowledge and expertise enable her to teach your daughter the art of the catwalk, the nuances of posing, and the fluidity of movement. Thus elevating the experience to new heights. Moreover Julia’s talent, combined with her ability to create a comfortable and empowering environment, ensures that your daughter’s Sweet 16 photoshoot becomes an unforgettable journey of self-expression.

Next Step: your Sweet 16 photographer Julia Juliati, in Westchester NY

The best way to proceed is to schedule a complimentary Studio Consultation. It’s the time for you and your daughter to come to the studio and ask any questions you might have. Julia will give you suggestions on looks, styles, wardrobe choices, and plan your photo shoot in details. There is wide collection of beautiful dressesat the studio for your daughter to wear if she so chooses.

From planning, to getting ready, to photoshoot, and finally choosing your favorite photos – it will be fun and uplifting experience for both of you. And for your daughter: she’ll have a time of her life!

Julia Juliati

Julia Juliati


“I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself”