Nature and Nude Portraits – an Exclusive Experience for a Discerning Client

Nature and Nude portraits is a rare opportunity for someone who would like to go beyond the norm of studio portraiture. Thus, creating a unique experience of becoming a muse, a part of a “painting of nature” frozen in time. 

Inspired by classical paintings, the breath-taken beauty of nature, and a female form, I create one of a kind portraits for my clients.

Theme for your Nature and Nude photoshoot

  • First, we meet for a Studio Consultation to create a theme for our photoshoot:

Would you like to become a character/an idea that inspired you? Or maybe, you would like to take your “favorite parts” and create your own? Is there a painting, a photograph that moves you? … Or you’re completely open to my creativity and imagination?

Best location for photoshoot

  • Second, based on your dreams and desires, we’ll choose the best location. And I have several “secret locations” that are absolutely breath-taken. From airy and open, to woody and mysterious, to wet and wild. Thus, there is not limit of what is possible.

Destination photoshoot 

  • Do you have a photoshoot dream destination that you always wanted to be photographed in? Destination locations are also an option.

Best day and time for the photoshoot

  • Finally, we’ll plan and book a day for our photoshoot experience. The photography is usually done during the week to avoid any crowd. Depending on the location we’ll schedule an early start, or an afternoon. 
  • However, for a destination location, we’ll arrive a day before to scout the place for best lighting and landscapes. 

Nature and Nude Portraits – as a Living Art

The whole experience is truly unique and unforgettable. It will not only empowers you as a woman. But it will give you a sense of the most exquisite oneness with nature, as a living art.  

How to book your Nature and Nude Photography experience

For your exclusive custom Nude and Nature Photography experience please contact me directly through Juliati Photography Studio

Because, the whole process takes time, please book your studio consultation far in advance to the desired photoshoot time.

Overall, it takes about 2-3 months from creating the theme, to planning, to photo shoot experience, to the final Fine Art Wall Portrait and Portrait Collection.