Birth of the Fae novel: Characters come to Life

“Imagination and creativity can change the world. When Danielle came to my photography studio and asked me to create images of the characters from her book, I was thrilled. What can be more exciting than diving into the world of fairies and warriors, and bringing them to life! What made this project even more special is the interplay of the powerful imagination of three female minds: Danielle – the writer/model, Denise – the makeup artist, and me – the photographer. We invite you to the world of fantasy. See it, feel it, play with it!” Julia Juliati Danielle M. Orsino was working as a nurse and treating a patient who needed some distraction during long I.V. treatment sessions. So, Orsino decided to tell a story. Little did she know the seed would grow into a fantasy book series: a fantastically epic adventure of heartbreak, hope and rebirth — Birth of Fae. Drawing from her passion for comic books, cosplay and fantasy, along with her expert martial arts expertise, Orsino brings forth an electric and hopeful debut. She delves into the realm of fairies and retells their origins from a completely new perspective. Danielle Orsino has a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. She has been widely recognized from her influence and experience in the martial arts realm, training for over 20 years and with over 500 tournament wins, accumulating national and world titles. She has performed for former President of the United States Bill Clinton and has been featured on Soap Talk, Fox Five News, CBS, TLC, and E! With this experience, she worked as Fight Choreographer on Wonder Woman: Balance of Power and has worked with the likes of martial arts legend Vincent Lyn and WWE, Marvel and action star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “I approached each character by first collaborating with Denise Apostle, my wonderful makeup artist. Together we discussed the look for the character. Now while the costumes and makeup were on point, none of this would be possible without the incredible eye of the photographer – Julia Juliati. I did not give her an easy task; I literally asked her to take myself (an author, not an experienced model by any means) and to pull out three totally different characters. She made me feel at ease and like I could do this. The result is what you see before you: Queen Aurora of the Court of Light, Captain Desdemona, fierce protector of the Court of Light, and Lady Serena, Loyal friend to Aurora. These three characters came to life through Julia’s lens. AURORA is our Fae Queen of the Court of Light, and she is the epitome of regal. Denise wanted strong eyes and to convey her powerful presence. Gold and blues play off of the corset from Rainbow Corsetry, which was designed based on a scene in the series. For the hair we went with a look which would highlight the crystal crown from Enchanting Earth Co. The Aurora Crown – another fan Collaboration from the owner Jamie, complete with a real Angelite crystal disc. DESDEMONA, our Captain of the Royal Guard for the Court of Light, looks menacing all in black. Denise pulled from the punk/goth background and we gave her an almost “Crow” inspiration, which I adored as a martial artist. She looks powerful and you can’t tell whose side she is on. The swords are 3-D printed and took the longest for me fabricate and finish. Those are real crystal cabochons decorating them. LADY SERENA the mermaid was my favorite transformation, but a grueling shoot for all of us. It was 90 degrees by 10 a.m. that day. Denise took it to the extreme with an all pink and aqua color theme. Lots of glitter! We used fishnet stockings to make the patterns on the arms and face. Denise even painted my eyebrows pink. The tail was by Mertailor, but to make it pop I used over 300 Swarovski crystals on each scale to catch the light. Then, of course, there is that headpiece by Miss G designs.” Danielle Orsino The Birth of the Fae: Locked out of Heaven. by Danielle M. Orsino Available at Amazon Keep up on all things Fae at