She Died Soon After Photo Shoot

Jo is gone, but her beautiful portraits are still alive…

Jo came to my studio one rainy afternoon as a stream of sunlight, shining through, filling my studio with a warm, light energy. “I’ve never had my portrait done” she said. “I would like to experience that. I would like to have the portraits of me that I love, so I can look at them when I’m down and feel better. And I would like to give them to my son too.”

We started planning right away. On every suggestion of mine it was quick “yes let’s!” And then a twist of her personality on top. It was so much fun to create with Jo! Of course she had her own insecurities. But she was the woman who would dance in the rain without any hesitation, and worry that someone might be watching. Thus we explored the wild, beautiful, powerful side of Jo…

Glowing with happiness looking at her final portraits Jo said: “Now I have something beautiful to give to my son to remember me as I am”…

Writing this I feel a bit of sadness. Just a bit. Because remembering her brings smile on my face and joy of the fact that I had a chance to meet her. I’m happy I did.



“I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself.”

Julia Juliati, photographer

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by Julia Juliati, professional Glamour Boudoir and Nude portrait photographer at Juliati Photography Studio, Westchester NY

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