Bring your favorite dress, put on your favorite high heel shoes (or not), and expect to have an amazing time of your life – totally enjoying yourself – creating magic together. 

Celebrating YOU!

Glamour / Covergirl Photography Session is a perfect Gift for your teenage daughter. I teach her all the secrets of posing, movement, and catwalk. Whether she wants to try modeling, or have cool portraits for her Social Media – it makes her feel beautiful, confident, special.

Perfect gift for your daughter’s 16th, or 18th birthday as a boost of confidence and self-esteem!


Client Testimonial / Review - Juliati Photography

"Such and awesome experience! Thank you Julia! I definitely give you 5 stars all the are a great artist and a true pleasure to do business with."
Kerri Gilday
"Incredible photography by an incredible artist, dancer and creator Julia Juliati! I am one of these lucky girls to have had the opportunity to experience a uniquely glamorous and unparalleled photoshoot session with the one and only Julia Juliati! Julia's lens captures the esthetics and poetry of the beautiful feminine curves ...true beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder! Thank you Julia for your magic!"
Dr. Ninah Beliavsky
Linguistic Professor; Author; Argentine Tango Dancer

"I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself."

Julia Juliati, photographer