Fine Art Nude Photoshoot

Fine Art Nude Photography Westchester NY studio

Fine Art Nude Photoshoot experience is about accepting and celebrating your body. 

We explore your shapes, your curves, your lines.

It’s soft and gentle. Provocative and powerful.

Just as you have many aspects of your personality, you have many aspects of your sensuality.

It’s an extraordinary experience for any woman, at any age.

Nude Photography – beautiful and liberating experience.

There is no one kind of beauty. Each woman has her own. For the last ten years women of all ages, looks and walks of life have come to my studio for their Fine Art Nude portraits. 

Nude photos are not just sensual and beautiful. But they are incredibly powerful in their ability to influence your sense of feeling sensual and beautiful. They are a part of a “learning process” a “therapy” of self acceptance and admiration of your own uniqueness. Thus, nude photography is a way to celebrate, to discover, to heal.

It’s a truly beautiful and liberating experience. 


Nude photoshoot client review Juliati Photography:

"My photoshoot was incredible! I have never seen myself in the way Julia photographed me. I was beautiful and I felt it! She wrapped me in seductive fabric across luxurious sofas, used light in such a way that softened anything I might think would not photograph well, and put me in positions that hardcore Yogi would wince in pain at! All of which turned out so amazing that I bought enough pictures to fill a book. The woman who booked Julia for a session will get a chance to experience the magic that Julia has. It's not that she is an amazing photographer, its her ability to take away all of your inhibitions and show you that you are beautiful and unique and there is no need for Any excuses. Since I became friends with Julia, I have witnessed meek housewives turn into fierce bedroom tigers behind Julia's lens, and I have seen self conscious woman overcome their fears and suddenly break free of the stigmas they thought were permanently attached to them. The psychy is a strange thing, and maybe because Julia also has a background in neuropsychology she is able to use her training to harness the positive emotions of woman who otherwise dislike most things about their appearance. Julia takes the social norms and scoffs at them. " The crazier the better" she had said to me once, referring to that 'break free' moment witnessed so many times in her studio."
Miss B
Real Estate Investor

Fine Art Nude photo session is done mostly in Black and White to create that timeless feeling, or with a bit of color when using beautiful flowy fabrics, or creating powerful nude portraiture.

"Julia knows exactly what she is doing, bringing out the erotic and deepest sensuality of any woman...her expertise, knowledge, sensitivity, and true talent elicits the heated inner glow of her subjects, like nothing else."
Victor Neufeld
former Executive Producer 20/20 ABC News, CBS NEWS and CNN

"I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself."

Julia Juliati, photographer

by Julia Juliati Contemporary Boudoir photographer.  Juliati Portrait Photography Studio Westchester NY

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