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fine art nude wall art Westchester NY by Juliati photography
portrait boudoir fine art nude photography Westchester NY by Julia Juliati
black and white fine art nude photography Westchester NY by Julia Juliati
artistic nude photography Westchester NY Juliati photo studio

Welcome to “YOU AS ART” by Julia Juliati! A captivating black and white Fine Art Nude photoshoot that celebrates the essence of your unique beauty. in facr, it focuses on light, shadows, and the mesmerizing shape of your body.

Fine Art Nude photography is an extraordinary form of self-expression that empowers women to embrace their bodies. As well as to appreciate the curves, lines, and every intricate detail that makes them remarkable.

Why should every woman consider experiencing a Fine Art Nude photoshoot

A Celebration of Your Authentic Self:

Fine Art Nude photography beautifully captures the raw and genuine essence of who you are. Through the lens of Julia Juliati, each photograph becomes a timeless work of art that portrays your unique beauty.

Empowerment and Self-Love:

The “YOU AS ART” experience is about embracing your body as a masterpiece. Thus by participating in this extraordinary journey, you’ll discover newfound self-love. First, you’ll accept yourself for who you are and appreciate the beauty of your body. Moreover, it’s a transformative process that enables you to see yourself through a lens of self-empowerment and self-acceptance.

A Connection with Your Femininity:

Fine Art Nude photography celebrates the beauty and power of the female form. Thus it allows you to explore and reconnect with your femininity in a safe and empowering environment. As a result, through the interplay of light and shadows, your unique features are artistically highlighted. Thus creating an awe-inspiring visual representation of your femininity.

Unforgettable Experience:

Julia Juliati will guide you through this extraordinary journey. Even so she’ll create a comfortable and safe atmosphere where you can fully express yourself in a truly unforgettable experience. Therefore this is your chance to be a part of something truly extraordinary, a memory that will last a lifetime.

A Gift to Yourself: An Artistic Investment in You!

Indulge in the world of artistic mastery with Fine Art Nude photography. Surely these breathtaking photographs, reminiscent of the pieces displayed in prestigious galleries and museums, hold the power to capture your essence in a way that resonates with true artistry. Therefore by investing in this unique experience, you not only invest in a remarkable piece of art but also in yourself. Without reservations, step into the realm of Fine Art Nude photography and embark on a journey where art and self-appreciation intertwine. Thus leaving you with an enduring legacy of personal investment and artistic excellence.

fine art nude wall art Westchester NY by Juliati photography

The mastery of Julia Juliati

Unveiling the Masterpiece: Julia Juliati’s Artistic Expertise

At the heart of the “YOU AS ART” experience is Julia Juliati, a highly accomplished artist and photographer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. After all, Julia’s extensive education in the arts, dance, and human anatomy make her a sought-after visionary when it comes to capturing the beauty of the female form.

Where Artistry Meets Movement: Dancing with Light and Shadows

Due to background deeply rooted in the arts, Julia brings a unique perspective to her craft. Thus her profound understanding of composition and lighting allows her to create captivating Fine Art Nude photographs that transcend mere imagery. Moreover, Julia’s artistic intuition is further enhanced by her background in dance and movement. Therefore it enables her to beautifully choreograph poses that showcase the grace, elegance, and fluidity of the human body.

Celebrating the Human Form: A Deep Understanding of Anatomy

Due to Julia’s in-depth knowledge of human anatomy she highlight the unique contours, lines, and curves of each individual she photographs. Moreover her meticulous attention to detail and understanding of the human form allow her to capture the essence and natural beauty of every subject she works with.

Capturing Timeless Beauty: The Sought-After Artist/Photographer

Julia Juliati’s remarkable education and diverse experience have elevated her to the status of a highly sought-after photographer. Through her lens, she masterfully weaves together artistry, movement, and the human form, creating timeless and captivating works of art that celebrate the beauty and individuality of each woman she photographs.

Therefore, by choosing to embark on a Fine Art Nude photoshoot with Julia Juliati, you are entrusting your journey of self-discovery to a true expert in the field. With her exceptional talent, artistic vision, and profound understanding of the female form, Julia will guide you through an experience that goes beyond photography.

“My photoshoot was incredible! I have never seen myself in the way Julia photographed me. I was beautiful and I felt it! She wrapped me in seductive fabric across luxurious sofas, used light in such a way that softened anything I might think would not photograph well, and put me in positions that hardcore Yogi would wince in pain at! All of which turned out so amazing that I bought enough pictures to fill a book.

The woman who booked Julia for a session will get a chance to experience the magic that Julia has.

It’s her ability to take away all of your inhibitions and show you that you are beautiful and unique and there is no need for any excuses.

Since I became friends with Julia, I have witnessed meek housewives turn into fierce bedroom tigers behind Julia’s lens. Also i have seen self conscious woman overcome their fears and suddenly break free of the stigmas they thought were permanently attached to them.

The psychy is a strange thing, and maybe because Julia also has a background in neuropsychology she is able to use her training to harness the positive emotions of woman who otherwise dislike most things about their appearance. Julia takes the social norms and scoffs at them. ” The crazier the better” she had said to me once, referring to that ‘break free’ moment witnessed so many times in her studio.”

Miss B

Real Estate Investor

“Julia knows exactly what she is doing, bringing out the erotic and deepest sensuality of any woman. Her expertise, knowledge, sensitivity, and true talent elicits the heated inner glow of her subjects, like nothing else.”

Victor Neufeld

former Executive Producer 20/20 ABC News, CBS News and CNN

fine art nude wall art Westchester NY by Juliati photography
Julia Juliati

Julia Juliati


“I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself”