Women over 50 with Grey Hair Deserve To Be Celebrated

What is this project all about:
Breaking stereotypes and embracing the beauty of aging is the idea behind Fabulous In Grey Project. The group of interest is – women over 50 that decided to allow their hair to grey naturally, either due to cancer consequences, death of a loved one, or refusing to use any chemicals and simply going with the natural stage of aging, or choosing the road of ease and convenience… the stories are as unique as the women themselves. 
It’s time to show and celebrate the beauty of these women. Especially because they are not well represented in popular culture.

Julia Juliati, photographer and filmmaker from Westchester NY is the creator of this project. She is producing a collection of photographs that highlight the individual styles of these diverse women ages from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, to 90+ from all walks of life. She’s also making a short documentary film to tell personal stories of these women. 

A GALA event with art exhibition and film primer to present this work is planned for next Summer. 

These beautiful, confident, brave women will set a tone for others to pay attention, to honor and celebrate women of age who chose to go full blown grey. And to celebrate we must. Because women of age are vibrant, intelligent, confident,  and full of life and style.

How to become Fabulous In Grey participant:

Fabulous In Grey Experience Include:

  • Pre-shoot Consultation

We will discuss all details regarding your photoshoot. I will make suggestions on styling and wardrobe changes to bring. You may borrow from my studio collection as well. 

  • Professional Hair and Makeup

Your photoshoot include professional hair and makeup. A relaxing and pampering experience for you to enjoy!

  • Full Portrait Session with 3 outfit changes

I will coach you through how to look your best in photos by fully guiding you through all the poses and facial expressions.

  • Ordering Appointment

Within a week of your photoshoot I will invite to the viewing and ordering appointment to chose your favorite portraits. What you purchase is entirely up to you.

Included with your experience is $400 credit to use towards any Portrait Collection. Portrait Collections start from $2,900

Join the movement of  breaking stereotypes and embracing the beauty of aging

Fabulous In Grey Project participation investment is only $550 ($745 value)


Fabulous In Grey Participants – Women of Westchester NY

fabulous-in-grey-westchester-ny-juliati photography-white plains-croton-on-hudson

Anne Dimock (Croton on Hudson / White Plains, Westchester NY): “I’ve never colored my hair. I’ve notice grey hair in my 30s. I like the idea of being natural in just about all parts of my life. I’m getting old the way people have always gotten old before… I feel fine with it…But what I don’t like is how older women fade into the background in our society. That makes me mad… But I’m very happy with how I look, how I move in the world. I think it’s the world is missing out on me, and the other women like me…”


Nina Rossi (New Rochelle / Irvington, Westchester NY): “I started color my hair because it was a thing to do. I had few grey hairs and everybody my age was covering their grey. But even when I started to color my hair, I knew it was not going to be forever… At my 50th birthday I decided not to do it anymore. Just because I felt it didn’t look good. It didn’t feel like me. It felt like I was always had a hat on, or a mask… And I was genuinely curious to see what it would be like… it was kind of a journey to see how it would turn out… The weirdest thing is once I stopped color my hair… nobody even noticed that it’s different…sometimes I even have to point out to my friends that I’m not coloring anymore… It’s been so freeing to me…I feel so much more confident…It such an natural part of me now…”


Pat White (White Plains / Elmsford, Westchester NY): “I’ve been premature grey since age of 16. I kept it natural all these years… About 10 years ago my cousin tagged me as “silver fox.” And from that I was truly validated with my natural grey hair. I just love it. It makes me feel so powerful! I feel like a woman of confidence and royalty…”


Masha Tkachuk (Bronxville, Westchester NY): “I’ve earned every grey hair on my body. I’m filled with gratitude for all that came before me, and my grey hair reflects it. It happened slowly over the years. And I’m very content with it.”

Vera Bullock (Scarsdale, Westchester NY): “When my son died I went completely grey. I decided to own it. And at that point, I realized that for the first time in my life I was the subject of my own life. And not the object of someone else’s. Not a wife, not a mother, not a daughter. But myself.”

Susan Levy (New Rochelle, Westchester NY): “I started in my early 30s. I love having grey hair! It sets me apart from other women. You can always find me in a room full of people. It makes me feel different. I love the compliments I get from strangers all day long. I prefer to look my age with my white hair.”

Virginia Hawkins (Mount Vernon, Westchester NY): “My mom greyed early, so I took it after her. I got lots of compliments on my hair. Some African Americans say that grey is wild and tangled. But I think the upkeep is very important. I try to take a very good care of my hair, keeping it trimmed and looking nice.”


Janet Muller (Rye, Westchester NY / Greenwich, CT): “I’m a breast cancer survivor… One of the blessed gifts from such a horrible experience was that I have so much grey gorgeous hair. So I decided to keep it… I just loved it. I was blessed with having grey hair…”


Cynthia Reid (New Rochelle, Westchester NY): “It wasn’t a conscience decision. Mother nature did her thing… It took me a while to finally realize I was grey, with feedback from other people. It seemed like a natural thing to keep doing. And why would I color my hair? It never even occurred to me to color my hair. It’s what it is… Sometimes it shorter, sometimes it longer. It’s me…”


Joann Alexander (Mt Kisco, Westchester NY / Greenwich, CT): “It was truly a practical decision. I was coloring my hair every 3 weeks. It was just too much… I was in my 50s and felt I was young enough to be able to transition without everyone saying “you going to look old.” I was secure enough. I just wanted my life to be easier… Turned out the color of my hair came out quite nice, and I was so pleased with it… It’s like nail polish: if I don’t like it, I can change it anytime I want. But I do love it…”


Paulette Lelhraj-Bowlah (White Plains / Mt Vernon, Westchester NY): “I started graying early. At first I wasn’t comfortable with it, so I colored it for a while. But then I realized, it’s not me. So I decided to keep my natural “salt and pepper” look… I feel great. I feel it’s me now. I feel beautiful…”


Rachel Chalchinsky (Mamaroneck, Westchester NY): “Grey hair is growing back after losing it to breast cancer and chemotherapy. I’m doing my best to embrace it. I like the look. I’m not sure if it’s me, yet. But it’s me that I’m at right now…”


Shewaye Tuku (New Rochelle, Westchester NY): “As soon as my hair started turning grey I decided to go natural. Everybody is complimenting me, saying “You look so beautiful! Did you color your hair grey?”… I love it. It’s easy. I earned it. It’s my age. I have to accept it. I encourage everybody to do it…”


Susan Leone (Hawthorne / White Plains, Westchester NY): “I was really tired of coloring my hair… One day my husband looked at me and said “just let your hair go”. He was really the driving force. So that’s what I did… It feels wonderful…”


Mary Raguso (Hawthorne, Westchester NY): “In my 20s I started with a white streak. Everybody remarked that it looked attractive. It never bothered me that grey hair will make me look older. It’s how you project yourself. It’s not the grey hair. Now my hair is all white and looks very attractive on me.”

Joann Raguso (Thornwood / Harrison, Westchester NY): “I’ve always been attracted to grey hair (my mom never colored hers). I always wondered how it would look on me. And one day I stopped dyeing it. It makes me feel strong. being able to present myself as something that’s not common or accepted, makes me feel beautiful and brave.”

...more inspiring stories of women accepting and celebrating their age and their grey hair coming soon…


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