What To Wear For Glamour Photoshoot

What to wear for photoshoot? This is the most popular question my clients ask. For a Glamour photo session there are few things that you need to know.

Glamour photo shoot – is about dressing up, playing with colors, textures, styles. And trying a variety of different looks. But how much variety we do, will depends on the goal of the shoot. That’s why it is essential to schedule Studio Consultation, so we all know what is the purpose of this photography session and plan accordingly.


Wardrobe photoshoot for business headshots, and social media

For example, you’re entrepreneur running your own business. Then we will create a portfolio of pictures that would support and represent who you are as a business owner. Even though the photos will have a variety of looks from more formal to use on LinkedIn, website. Or more casual, to use on Facebook, Instagram. They still have a distinctive style.


Wardrobe photoshoot for modeling

You aspire to become a model, and need a portfolio of photos for modeling agencies. In this case, the variety is the key. From formal, business, to casual, “red carpet”, fitness, movement, sensual. The goal is to show all sides of you. And to open doors to all styles of modeling for you. Because in the beginning you would not be certain which particular look is your most “sellable”.


What to wear for photoshoot – maternity portraits

You would like to celebrate your pregnancy with this beautiful photography experience. There is no need to think about wardrobe. Because your belly is the center of attention. Two or three simple looks: jeans and t-shirt, and a dress. Leave the rest to me. I have a stretchy skirt and a top that will hug your body and create a beautiful shape. We’ll use chiffon fabrics to wrap you and create those stunning flowing photos. Simplicity is the key here.


Glamour photoshoot sweet 16, graduation, birthday

You’re giving a gift of photo shoot experience for your daughter’s sweet 16, or as a graduation present, or to celebrate her birthday. In any case you want her to have this photography experience as a boost of self-confidence. So she feels beautiful, confident, and special. We will include several looks from the “modeling” theme, but here the concentration is on your daughter’s style. Let her choose the looks she love.


Glamour photoshoot for mother and daughter portraits

It’s the ultimate girls day out! Celebrating your relationship with your daughter or mother. This photo shoot is filled with tenderness, joy, laughter, and warm hugs. A matching wardrobe is best. Whatever styles you choose make sure for each one you are in the same color palette. This time it’s not about variety. Thus, 2 or 3 looks are enough. This photography session is about the connection with you loved one. 



Glamour photoshoot to celebrate you!

You would like to have a photo shoot as a celebration of your achievement, as a celebration of who you are, as a celebration of life. Yes, we’ll do the styles that you like and use. But, I’ll also encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, and try something that you don’t usually. We will expand, and play with possibilities. 



In any case, always think about variety: of colors, textures, styles. 

I have a collection of gorgeous dresses that my clients are happy to add to their choices of styles.

For more tips on what to wear for photoshoot,  schedule a complimentary Studio Consultation

Julia Juliati

Julia Juliati


“I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself”