She gets an intimate Boudoir Nude Photoshoot that makes her grow and she enjoys; he gets an Album with beautiful sensual sexy photos of her

Tom contacted me to make a intimate gift for the woman we loves. A gift that they both will enjoy and cherish forever. A gift that will be an ultimate celebration of his wife and the relationship they have. Boudoir Nude Photoshoot.

Tom: “We have a type of wine that we like that has a special label of a sensual image of a woman. I thought it would be great to recreate it. I found Julia Juliati -“For A Woman, By A Woman” that really spoke to me, as well as pictures on her website…and Julia’s approach that it is a celebration.
And we celebrate it!”
Carol: “It was just revealing. It’s seeing yourself in a different way. I’m my own worst critic, and I tend to be very private…but to actually have a view of yourself that someone can see, make you feel special and beautiful”
Tom: “I think Julia really caught Carol’s personality in many ways…I think the real “danger” of this photo shoot, as Julia said, “you want them all”…Why the guys should make a gift of Boudoir Nude Photoshoot for their wife/girlfriend, because there is something for both of you: she gets a wonderful experience that makes her grow, and she enjoys, and she gets to see herself in a different way; and for the guy – he get to be part of this experience, and he gets this beautiful Album with sensual and sexy photos of the woman he loves…It’s a process. It’s a gift…So many things are gone after a while, but this is something I always have.”

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“I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself.”

Julia Juliati, photographer

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by Julia Juliati, professional Nude Boudoir Glamour portrait photographer at Juliati Photography Studio, Westchester NY

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