Finding The Power Within – Boudoir Photoshoot for Holly


Today I photographed Holly, an incredible beautiful woman with so many talents! That’s how I see her. 

And today my goal was to show her what I see. With my camera, to show her power. The power that comes from within. The power that makes every woman a Goddess. 


From Holly ( client review): “To say you’re gifted and talented Julia Juliati, does not cover what you do. I took a STEEP DIVE out of my comfort zone and so glad I did. I’m staring at these photos totally fascinated. You created a way for me to see myself that brings strength, TRUTH, power and confidence!”

“I just finished a photo shoot and I’m (almost) speechless.

Referring to it as a photoshoot is an understatement, when I reflect on the entirety of the experience and what it turned out to be for me.

First, I arrive prepared for a boudoir photo shoot that was very much out of my comfort zone. I was well prepared because Julia gave me clear instructions on what types of things to bring. I am a complete novice to this.

Julia immediately made me feel comfortable and in the right hands. I recently gained weight and have felt less pretty and less confident especially when pinned next to my dancer counterparts so I had doubts about if I could really like a photo of myself.

Julia guided me through the entire day and I left with a glimpse or two of a few photos she had taken and almost instantaneous tears welled. I saw beauty, strength, sexiness, and grew confident just looking and it was ME! As I am, now, in this moment, not 20 pounds lighter. Now I am able to embrace myself in a healthier way and see weight loss as a preference rather than a requirement for confidence. 

Seeing what I look like from another perspective left me feeling like I was seeing myself for the first time. I’m filled with gratitude for this experience. I highly recommend investing in yourself with a session with Julia Juliati.”


from Holly: “I cant stop looking at this one… I’m gorgeous, happy, peaceful, sexy. Strong…. ME. It looks like one of the first times I’m seeing myself”

"I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself."

Julia Juliati, photographer