Unforgettable, liberating, uplifting, fun, pampering experience of Boudoir Photoshoot is a must for all women. What can be more fulfilling than the celebration of YOU! Beautiful, sensual, sexy, playful, powerful woman you are!


Client Testimonial / Review - Juliati Photography

"I had boudoir pictures taken for my husband's 50th Birthday with Julia. They came out amazing. I find myself looking for more reasons to have her photograph me. I love her work. Worth every penny! She is fantastic. I highly recommend her for your photographic needs."
Lisa Vitiello
State Farm Insurance Agency owner
"Thank you Julia! To say you're gifted and talented does not cover what you do. I took a STEEP DIVE out of my comfort zone and so glad I did. I'm staring at these photos totally fascinated. You created a way for me to see myself that brings strength, TRUTH, power and confidence. I am so glad I got to do this at a weight heavier than I planned, as I am now, in this moment, not 20 pounds lighter. Now I am able to embrace myself in a healthier way and see weight loss as a preference rather than a requirement for confidence. Seeing what I look like from another perspective left me feeling like I was seeing myself for the first time. I am filled with gratitude for this experience."
Tom: "We have a type of wine that we like that has a special label of a sensual image of a woman. I thought it would be great to recreate it. I found Julia Juliati -"For A Woman, By A Woman" that really spoke to me, as well as pictures on her website...and Julia's approach that it is a celebration. And we celebrate it!" Carol: "It was just revealing. It's seeing yourself in a different way. I'm my own worst critic, and I tend to be very private...but to actually have a view of yourself that someone can see, make you feel special and beautiful" Tom: "I think Julia really caught Carol's personality in many ways...I think the real "danger" of this photoshoot, as Julia said, "you want them all"...Why the guys should do this for their wife/girlfriend, because there is something for both of you: she gets a wonderful experience that makes her grow, and she enjoy, and she gets to see herself in a different way; and for the guy - he get to be part of this experience, and he gets this beautiful Album with sensual and sexy photos of the woman he loves...It's a process. It's a gift...So many things are gone after a while, but this is something I always have."
Tom and Carol

"I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself."

Julia Juliati, photographer