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“I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself.”

Julia Juliati, photographer



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Boudoir photo shoot. Unforgettable, liberating, uplifting, fun, pampering experience of Boudoir Photoshoot is a must for all women. Of all ages, shape and sizes. What can be more fulfilling than the celebration of YOU! Beautiful, sensual, sexy, playful, powerful woman you are! …read more: Boudoir Photography Info and Photos


Fine Art Nude photoshoot is about celebrating your body: your shape, your curves, your lines…Photographed mostly in Black and White, or with a bit of color when using beautiful flowy fabrics…read more: Fine Art Nude Photography Info and Photos


Couples boudoir photography is a celebration of love and passion, play and intimacy. 

Couples boudoir photoshoot Westchester studio or location info and photos…

Julia Juliati Portrait Photographer at Juliati Photography Studio Westchester NY

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"My experiences with Julia and her beautiful photography studio has made me a lifetime returning client. My first photo shoot with her was back in 2013 when I decided to surprise my husband with a sexy photo of myself to frame. I was a little nervous at first baring it all to a stranger, but as soon as the session started, Julia is so professional and so comfortable to be around that I forgot I was naked! When the pictures came back to review I couldn't believe how gorgeous they all were. The way she captures the essence of a woman, the lighting, the angles... Needless to say it was so hard to pick just one. I ended up purchasing enough pictures to fill an entire book of sexy pictures for him! This experience led me to have multiple photo sessions with Julia over the years. It's surprising how doing something like this helps you get over body issues and see yourself in a whole new light. This experience is a must have for every woman because it makes one appreciate the beauty and sensuality of the body, raise self esteem, and overall makes you more confident. As I get older, I want to celebrate my body and beauty as it matures. This will help with any mental body issues we have as woman in this society as we age. To see ourselves in the light of those who love us do. I can't wait to do another shoot with Julia Juliati!"
Briana Alessi
Medical Spa, owner. Investor. Artist.
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Contemporary Portrait Photographer Juliati Reveals Her Power Of Transformation

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"I invite you to a photo session with me. It will change the way you see yourself."

Julia Juliati, photographer

by Julia Juliati Contemporary portrait photographer at Juliati Portrait Photography Studio Westchester NY

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